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Prenatal Classes to Relieve Tension at True Self Yoga Olympia

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Pregnancy has a way of transforming your body in the strangest ways. From week to week, your baby is rapidly growing, jumping from the size of an orange to a cantaloupe in a dizzying time. And while it’s thrilling, it’s also incredibly hard on your body. Luckily, True Self Yoga in Olympia is here to save the day! The studio provides prenatal yoga classes that will relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy and help your body prepare for labor. Plus, the studio has some terrific classes once your baby is born. If you’re looking for the best way to stay active throughout pregnancy, I’d love to tell you all about it!

A mother to be in a blue maternity gown stands in a field of tall grass at sunset while holding her exposed bump True Self Yoga Olympia

About True Self Yoga Olympia

The husband and wife team Vajra Romano and Christina Lagdameo started True Self Yoga. The couple met at a yoga retreat before going their separate ways. Fate reunited them a few years later, and they married in 2012. Vajra and Christina moved to Olympia in 2016 following a family tragedy. 

During this time, they established True Self Yoga with the mission of helping people bring out their highest good. On top of their meditative classes, they partner with many organizations committed to doing great within the community. You can visit them at 2727 Westmoor Court Southwest, where they share a space with Soul Café. 

Details of a mother to be holding herr bump in tall grass and a blue maternity dress


True Self Yoga provides a variety of classes, including prenatal yoga. These classes use positions and poses to give your body a phenomenal stretch. Throughout this time, you’re building flexibility and strengthening muscles that you’ll need throughout childbirth. The classes establish proper breathing and give you the chance to relax. Plus, prenatal yoga has been found to help you sleep, decrease nausea, and lower your chance of preterm labor. 

The studio provides partner prenatal yoga, where you and your partner can spend an afternoon preparing for labor. During these special sessions, you’ll go over helpful positions for childbirth, and your partner will learn how to be the best support person for you. 

A mother to bee in a blue maternity gown stands in tall golden grass at sunset while looking off over her shoulder True Self Yoga Olympia


One of the best things about True Self Yoga is that they let you get your baby involved after birth! The studio offers postnatal classes and welcomes your baby along for the journey! During these classes, you’ll go over poses that will aid your body in recovery and let you get back into the practice. They also provide a more laid-back family class to stimulate your baby’s growing curiosity. You’ll go through playful poses, work with your partner, and snuggle your little one! 

The studio believes that no one is too young for yoga. As your baby gets a little bigger, check out their exciting kids’ yoga classes that engage your child with fun poses, music, and stories. 

True Self Yoga Olympia

If you’re looking for a way to stay active throughout your pregnancy, check out True Self Yoga in Olympia! This lovely studio is dedicated to giving you classes perfectly suited to this season of life! 

I love connecting with parents, whether we’re chatting about our favorite places in the city or I’m helping them capture gorgeous memories. I’m a family photographer and know firsthand how quickly this season flies by. I’m here to help you remember it! If you’ve been considering booking a photo session for your family, I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

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Hi I'm lENA

Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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