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Womb Revolution Empowering Your Desired Birth Experience

Hi, I'm Lena.
Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!
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One of the most daunting aspects of pregnancy is deciding how to give birth. Many people have very strong opinions, and they will let you know all about it! And while this is very annoying before you decide on your birth plan, it can be downright discouraging once you have established your plan. Oh, wow, you’re going natural? You know that’s going to hurt, right? This is why I love finding experts who will provide you with all the advice you need so you can block out the rest. That’s exactly what Womb Revolution does. This incredible space empowers you to have the birthing experience right for you. If you’ve been getting tired of the endless opinions of others, I’d love to tell you all about it. 

A pregnant woman stands in a narrow park trail through tall grass while looking down at her bump

About Womb Revolution

Marissa Bolaños knows firsthand that motherhood is hard. Shortly after she had her first child, she found herself without any community. Marissa loved her actual childbirth experience but soon felt isolated without any meaningful connection. Marissa had always had an adventurous soul, so she traveled back to Mexico so she could be around other moms. 

She saw how rare it was to have a great birth experience regardless of where you are. Even more so, she saw how few resources other parents had. She decided to do something about it! So she attended online doula training before attending the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations. 

She now works as a labor and postpartum doula and a childbirth and menstrual educator. Her goal with Womb Revolution is to ensure you feel less alone throughout motherhood! 

A pregnant mother in a beige maternity dress holds her toddler daughter on her bump while giving her a kiss in a field of tall grass Womb revolution


Depending on her client list, Marissa cycles what services she has available. She regularly updates her Womb Revolution site with service availability. She currently provides childbirth education meant to be fully interactive. The workshop takes place over the course of two days and is hands-on. 

Over the weekend, you’ll work with your support person to practice positions and calming methods while also learning what childbirth will look like. Marissa brings in two additional facilitators so you can learn from the best of the best! They’ll also discuss the postpartum season, so you’ll be fully equipped. 

A mom to be stands in a field of tall grass while holding her bump in a beige maternity gown Womb revolution


Womb Revolution provides doula services for childbirth. She gives unrelenting support and will work with you to develop the perfect birth plan. She’ll be there throughout your delivery and have a backup doula. You’ll have access to her lending library and a TENS unit throughout labor. 

Marissa is also there if you’re looking for support after your baby is born! With her postpartum doula services, she’ll educate on topics such as nursing and babywearing. She also offers assistance with light housework, emotional support, and help with older children. 

Womb Revolution

If you’re tired of constantly processing advice from others, call in an expert! With Marissa Bolaños at Womb Revolution, you’ll have the best help for every aspect of growing a baby. 

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Hi I'm lENA

Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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