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The Birthing Inn in Tacoma for Full Control of Your Labor & Delivery

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Having a baby is one of the most thrilling experiences of your life, but a negative birth experience can sour the early years. Too many people have had the infuriating experience of losing control during labor. This can lead to a higher medical intervention rate and lasting trauma. The Birthing Inn came to fruition to give people back their freedom regarding their labor. This Tacoma birthing center provides comprehensive care and a comfortable place where you can have your baby the way you’d prefer. If you’ve been searching for the best place for your delivery, I’d love to tell you why I think you’ll love this practice! 

A mother to be in a beige dress holds her bump while her husband kisses her forehead in a field at sunset The Birthing Inn

About The Birthing Inn

The Birthing Inn was founded in 1999 as a safe space where parents could take back control of their labor. The practice is the only freestanding birth center in Tacoma. It’s beautifully decorated with large beds, warm birthing tubs, and plenty of room both inside and outside to move around. Midwives who are well-trained and experienced run the center. 

Since opening its doors, the center has been the site of over 3,000 births. It’s just down the road from two hospitals to give you immediate help should you need to be transferred. You can visit it at 6002 Westgate Blvd. Suite 120 in Tacoma. 

A young toddler boy reaches up to touch the bump of his pregnant mother in a field of golden grass


The Birthing Inn has the midwives listed on their site, so you can browse and find the team that looks right for you! You’ll schedule a meet-and-greet before proceeding with your care. You’ll have regular appointments with your midwife just like you would with an OB. Your midwife will take the time during each appointment to address all your questions and concerns. 

During your labor, your midwife will honor your birth plan as much as possible. You’ll be able to move around, eat snacks, and work through the contractions however you see fit. The center is designed for maximum comfort, and the large tubs are the perfect place to work through contractions. 

Once your baby is born, the center will keep you for several hours so you can bond while they make sure your vitals are stable. Once they’re positive you and your baby are in the clear, you’ll be sent home to recover. 

A mother to be in a beige maternity dress lays in the lap of her husband in a grassy field The Birthing Inn


The Birthing Inn wants to ensure you feel equipped for every part of delivery. They provide childbirth education classes taught by experts. You can attend an accelerated course over one day or a five-week course that lets you take in the information bit by bit. You’ll be able to ask questions and ensure you have all the necessary info.

The Birthing Inn

If you’ve been searching for a place that will give you freedom for your delivery, check out The Birthing Inn. This fabulous birthing center is dedicated to giving you back control of labor. 

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Hi I'm lENA

Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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