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Natural Beginnings Midwifery Care for Your Home Birth Journey

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It can be hard to find someone who gets you throughout pregnancy. This is a season full of the unknown, and anxiety is naturally a part of the experience. One of the most helpful things you can do for yourself is to find a birth provider who will sit with you, go over any questions you might have, and take the time to ease your concerns. If you’ve been searching for someone to make you feel heard throughout your pregnancy, I can’t wait to introduce you to Natural Beginnings Midwifery Care! This extraordinary practice is committed to providing you with unparalleled care. 

A pregnant woman in a white maternity dress stands in a field of wildflowers holding her bump Natural Beginnings Midwifery Care

About Natural Beginnings Midwifery Care

Natural Beginnings is a midwifery practice started by Marie Wakefield and Chelsea Rice. The two women each had their own experiences choosing midwives for their natural births and saw what a difference this presence made. 

They became committed to doing what they could to revolutionize the birth world! The duo believes childbirth is a normal experience your body was built to handle. They do what they can to make your delivery personal and beautiful rather than cold and clinical. The practice focuses specifically on home births. You can find them at 5302 104th ST E in Tacoma. 

A mother to be holds her bump and her husband's hand as she leads him through a field of wildflowers Natural Beginnings Midwifery Care


Natural Beginnings Midwifery Care is a center that wants to equip you with the most positive birth experience. You start with a consultation where you discuss any concerns about home birth and see if it’s right for you. More than anything, they want you to feel empowered and will have an open and honest conversation. 

If you decide to go forward, you will have prenatal appointments at the office just like you would with an OB. As you near your due date, your midwife will tell you what you need to order and will do a home visit so you can prepare your space. 

Once labor begins, your midwife will be by your side! They carry equipment, including oxygen, medication, and tools, in case you need any urgent care. They’ll support you as you push and remain with you until they’re positive you and your baby are stable and on the path to recovery. They’ll leave you with instructions and ensure you’re ready for the next stage of parenthood. 

A mom to be leans in for a kiss from her husband while standing in a field of grass and wildflowers


Natural Beginnings Midwifery Care will ensure you have the help you need for the postpartum stage. They’ll perform a home visit between 24-48 hours after the birth. You’ll go back to the office for visits at one week, three weeks, and six weeks. They’ll also provide comprehensive newborn care for the first two weeks. 

Natural Beginnings Midwifery Care

If you’ve been searching for a care provider who will listen to you throughout pregnancy, check out Natural Beginnings Midwifery Care. These amazing midwives will make you feel confident and help you through your home birth journey. 

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Hi I'm lENA

Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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