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Top Options for Tacoma Doulas to Assist You With Birth

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Birth tends to look radically different from family to family. Your advice from friends and family might be useless for you. From birth styles to physical differences, there are a ton of factors that determine what your pregnancy and delivery will look like. Because doulas have seen almost every type of birth and have spent years studying, they’re fantastic companions who will provide exceptional help through every stage of this season. If you’ve considered booking Tacoma doulas for your delivery, I’d love to tell you about the best. 

A mother to be gazes down at her bump in a blue maternity gown at sunset Tacoma Doulas

The Top Four Tacoma Doulas Near You

Sarah Osborne

Since 2008, Sarah Osborne has supported over 700 families on their birth journey. Sarah is DONA-certified and passionate about giving parents the best birth experience. She has delivered using nearly every style of birth, giving her unique insight. She has an extensive Birth Doula package that will provide you with a prenatal meeting, unlimited birth support, and a postpartum visit. The package also gives you access to her TENS unit and breastfeeding assistance. 

The Birth Collective

The Birth Collective is a group of midwives in the Pacific Northwest area. Sarah Osborne works in the collective alongside Bree Minter and Austin Huston. The group is here to help you through any kind of birth. The team rotates who is on call and will ensure you feel comfortable with each team member before delivery. Above all else, your Tacoma doulas will work with you to ensure you can have the best birth experience for you! 

Details of a mother to be's bump in a field of golden grass

Doula Deb

Doula Deb is a doula who has been practicing since 2008. She’ll assist with every form of birth, from medicated in the hospital to natural at home. Doula Deb provides birth doula services as well as postpartum doula services. She’ll talk to you and structure her packages around your family’s unique needs. Following birth, Deb will refer you for a lactation consultation with a professional to ensure you feel confident feeding your baby. And if you need a little bit of extra help, Deb has hosted a ton of webinars that you can watch. 

Point Defiance Birth

Point Defiance Birth is a Tacoma doulas service started by Ann von Moritz. It features backup doulas so you can have uninterrupted care. Ann has had extensive experience and brings it to each delivery. She’ll help you with planned cesareans, hospital births, home births, and more. Her one rule is that she won’t attend unassisted home births. Beyond her birth doula services, Ann acts as a postpartum doula and childbirth educator.

A mother to be stands in a field of golden grass in a blue maternity dress holding her bump Tacoma Doulas

Tacoma Doulas

Hiring a doula is one of the best things you can do to ensure a happy birth experience. With these Tacoma doulas, you’ll have unconditional assistance for the most critical moment of your life! 

Once you have your doula, it’s time to start thinking about pictures to celebrate this season! I’m a Washington-based photographer and want to ensure you have beautiful memories of this time. I know firsthand how quickly these months fly by, and I’m here to give you authentic pictures you can cherish for years. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your family, I’d love to chat! Contact me today so we can book your session.

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Hi I'm lENA

Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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