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Seattle Prenatal Yoga Studios Relieving Common Aches & Tension

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As a mom, I know all too well how pregnancy can bring on swollen feet, tender ligaments, and all-around bodily pain! As my body stretched and grew as my babies did, I felt sore and achy and made noise every time I got up or bent over. If you’re anything like I was, prenatal yoga can help immensely as you head into the second and third trimesters of growing your baby. These Seattle prenatal yoga practices can help you limber up, stretch out, and maintain a sense of calm as you go through all the bodily changes that come with pregnancy. Hence, this list should hopefully help some achy mamas out!

4 Seattle Prenatal Yoga Studios Offering Welcoming Environments & Encouraging Instruction

Aditi Yoga & Wellness

Aditi Yoga & Wellness, founded by Julie Morse, is a yoga practice located north of Seattle deeply committed to honoring the mind and heart through yoga. Their team of over fifteen yoga instructors and six wellness practitioners—covering both massage and acupuncture—works in two classrooms and three treatment rooms in Wallingford Center, a historic Seattle landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

In addition to gentle and slow-flow yoga, they offer both prenatal and postnatal yoga. Prenatal yoga supports moms in every stage of pregnancy. In contrast, postnatal yoga is a restorative practice with or without your baby. Aditi even offers Baby and Me classes! For mamas who can’t make it to an in-person class, there’s also Aditi At Home, virtual classes offered so you can still practice yoga right from the comfort of your home. 

A mom to be in a maternity dress stands in a field of tall grass holding her bump Seattle Prenatal Yoga

8 Limbs Yoga Centers

Located in North Seattle, 8 Limbs has yoga centers in Phinney Ridge and Wedgwood and an online offering. While their practice includes classes like Deep Flow, Gentle, and all levels of yoga, pregnant mamas will get the most out of their prenatal yoga workshops, a monthly four-week series with 75-minute classes each week, including a check-in circle to allow you to ask questions, get advice and connect with other parents to be. All classes are recorded during the workshop, making it easy for moms to take the class at their own pace or retake it if scheduling conflicts occur. 

Details of a mom to be holding her bump in a field of tall grass Seattle Prenatal Yoga

Sri Janani Yoga

Sri Janana Yoga resides in the Greenlake area north of Seattle. It focuses its practice on connecting to your inner strength and spirit. Offering postnatal, prenatal, and even baby yoga classes, this studio fits every stage of your pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is available to women in all trimesters of pregnancy. It requires no previous yoga experience—the class runs under Colette, a registered nurse. The classes build in time for community, connecting with other women, asking questions on what matters to you most, breathing techniques for labor, meditation, visualization, prenatal anatomy information, and labor prep. 

For moms three weeks out from a vaginal birth and six weeks out from a Cesarean, postnatal yoga is offered without your baby in-studio or online for moms who may not be ready to leave home yet post-birth. Other offerings for your new baby include Parent & Baby Yoga for newborns and up and Infant Massage for babies between three weeks and one year. Support groups are also available for prenatal and new moms adjusting to parenthood. 

A mom to be stands in a windy field of tall grass while holding her bump in a maternity gown

Limber Yoga

West of Seattle, Limber Yoga offers prenatal yoga designed to alleviate pain and connect to your child, “to your breath, to other women, and your power to birth with knowledge and confidence.” They demonstrate postures that will help with labor, and classes are available in-studio and virtually. 

A postnatal class, called Limber Babies, is a parent and child yoga class that offers your new baby connection with you and others and offers you an opportunity to connect with your new body, your mind, and your baby via postures that will strengthen and increase both your flexibility and your well-being.

Seattle Prenatal Yoga

As you prepare for and settle into this new phase of life with things like Seattle prenatal yoga, I want to ensure you capture these memories. 

I’m a Seattle-based photographer and mom, and I know from experience how quickly this time goes by. I’m here to give you beautiful pictures you can cherish for years. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your family, I’d love to chat! Contact me today so we can book your session.

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Hi I'm lENA

Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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