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Ideas for Eloping: Waterfalls to Wining and Dining

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Intimate, custom to you and your story, and an unforgettable way to tie the knot — take a look at these ideas for eloping. My hope is to inspire you and make it easier for you to get married, in whatever fashion is meaningful to you.

Chase waterfalls

I know they said not to, but for an elopement ceremony of all things, I certainly think a waterfall would make quite the statement. Secluded and sensational — waterfalls at the beach, tucked away in the forest, or anywhere, really. No arches or frames needed — the waterfall will be your frame for vows.

Rent an Airbnb

Castles, lodges, boathouses — think of the kind of house that totally fits your story, and you’ll find it on Airbnb. It makes it easy to stay local (or feel like a local) with just the two of you, or your whole family and the dog.

Airbnb elopement couple standing in front of a window with the light streaming in behind them

Wine & dine at a vineyard

Let your inner sommelier come out with sprawling vineyards and luscious views. I for one, wouldn’t say no to a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc and charcuterie to go with it.

Hit the beach

Barefoot and with the breadth of the ocean at your feet, beach elopements are iconic. Incredible views and any feeling you could ask for thanks to the endless amount of coastlines out there. Love that New England essence? Elope at the foot of a lighthouse. But if you’re more of a creative type, go for the wooded coastlines in the PNW where you’ll find driftwood, lush forests, and unique rock formations.

Hop in a helicopter

Helicopter elopements will never cease to be the heart-stopping wonders that they are. The adventure alone is not for the faint of heart. Creating a bold statement for any couple that prefers stand-out seclusion and top-of-the-mountain views.

Make downtown your destination

Quaint coffee shops, historic buildings, cityscapes — your elopement could feel like a day out, or even a night on the town. Imagine rooftop vows, bistro lights, and maybe even a personal chef with a family style tablescape in the middle of the city. 

Explore a national park

Permits required and adventurous without a shadow of a doubt. The national parks that dot the United States bring so much character and distinction to elopements. From the red rock respite of southern Utah to the draping fog of the PNW and its lush forests, you’re sure to find a national park that has everything you want.

Elopement at Mt Rainier with the couple standing under the national park entrance sign holding hands in their wedding attire

Pack a picnic

Charcuteries, picnics in backpacks, pillow-lined tablescapes at the beach — it can be as simple or as chic as you’d like.

Indulge your foodie side

Foodie weddings are the best way to add flavor, and a little fun, to your elopement. Food trucks, picnics (see above), personal chefs, tablescapes, mini cakes, ice cream trucks, mobile cocktail bars, donut walls, champagne towers — your food can serve as your decor (until it’s eaten up). Definitely a cost-effective and guest-preferred way to add a little zest to your day. Plus, if you go the mobile route, that food truck can join you at the beach, Airbnb, or whichever location you elope in.  

Elope on a boat

Yachts, kayaks, paddle boards — make an entrance or say your vows right there on the water. If only the ocean could be your witness!

Head to the courthouse

Mix this in with a downtown-style wedding and your low-cost elopement will feel like a chic excursion.

Make a restaurant your venue

Book out a local restaurant with your preferred ambiance, and food you adore. It brings an intimate, familiar feel while feeding everyone and giving you some privacy.

Restaurant elopement photo in black and white with the family laughing at dinner

Drive away in a getaway car

Or let’s just spend the entire day driving up the coast.

Ideas for eloping: getaway car

More ideas for eloping

Looking for more? Follow along on Instagram to catch stories from Washington State, where we have almost every elopement possible. Beaches, woodlands, rainforests, cliffs…it’s a location I’ll never tire of.

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Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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