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Elope in Seattle: What You Need To Know

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Why elope in Seattle?

Elope in Seattle and get access to the artistic, diverse, and distinct aesthetic of the Emerald City. Known for its luscious green surroundings, day trips in every direction, and the home base for the first-ever Starbucks, you’re hitting the nail on the head when you say it’s an artistic and eco-friendly place. Whether you’re planning to take a drive to the beach for your elopement, or staying right here in the city for a brick-walled backdrop, you have so much to choose from.

If you already plan on leaving the city, check out my top recommended places to elope in Washington state.

Unique ideas for getting married in Seattle

  • Say your vows by the water right in the center of Seattle
  • Elope in a garden or greenhouse
  • Plan a cityscape elopement on the rooftop, or at the foot of historic buildings with bistro lights above and the sun streaming through city
  • Book an Airbnb — stay there, wed there, and love your time celebrating there too (make sure events aren’t against the host’s policy)
  • Celebrate at a brewery or cafe if you’re aiming for a city-inspired ceremony

Seattle Elopement Locations

Mount Rainier National Park

The closest national park to Seattle, you may want to consider leaving downtown for this elusive, edgy, and quiet destination. Whether you elope on the mountain itself, or with the mountain in the distance at Reflection Lake, Mount Rainier brings the gorgeous contrast of smooth, gray cliffs with white-capped peaks, evergreen trees — and if the season is right — wildflowers.

Mount Rainier Elopement


A-frame cabins, waterside lodges, a marmot with a hot tub at your doorstep, and even treehouses! Some are closer than others, but I’d drive just about anywhere to stay in a place that has even just a slice of what these Seattle Airbnbs offer. 

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Centered by a tropical greenhouse with fields of colorful flowers draping their lawns, this is one of the most eclectic, yet pristine locations to elope in Seattle.

Seattle Municipal Courthouse

This might be one of the best courthouse elopement locations you’ll come across with its rooftop deck and convenient location close to downtown.

Small Wedding Venues In Seattle

Prefer an indoor location for your elopement? Here are locations I recommend!

The Corson Building

Walls with trailing greenery, wooden arches, long tables for intimate seating, and a historical building as your venue with a time-worn greenhouse — this Seattle elopement location brings a quiet, earthy touch to the bustle of Seattle. Built in 1910 and a communal style restaurant, it would make a romantic elopement destination. Food included. Visit their site.

Waterway Cruises

Elope on a boat in Seattle to take the city and the water with you. With catering and an adventurous feel without having to drive farther than the dock. Learn more.

Seattle Houseboats

For a more private and cost-effective elopement in Seattle, rent a houseboat instead!

Take a drive

And if you want to explore the national parks, coastlines, and waterfalls, grab a car and go. Find ideas here.

Couple kisses in a Volkswagen with the window rolled down in Seattle

How to get a marriage license for a Seattle wedding

While King County requires only 3 days between receiving your license and using it, you can request your license up to 60 days before your elopement date. If you’re traveling from out of state, please request this in advance so they can mail it to you before you make the trip out here! Learn more on the city’s website.

They’re also advising, as of late, that they often need more than 3 days to review requests and send out licenses. 

Elopement couple signs their Seattle marriage license

Timeline Ideas For Seattle Elopements

1. Start the day at an Airbnb, and have breakfast delivered with hot coffee too

I love a nice, slow start to an elopement. Soaking up the first few hours and soft morning light before your story is intertwined, officially, with another. While many couples opt to get ready in separate locations for traditional weddings, if you’re eloping, I encourage you to do things differently. Spend the morning together. Reminisce and celebrate the fact that the two of you are here, on the morning of your wedding. Before you say your vows, before tears are shed, and the bottom of your hand-selected dress is dusted with Seattle’s touch.

Elopement couple enjoys coffee at a cafe in Seattle

2. Take an excursion for couple portraits

The best part about eloping in an overcast city like Seattle? We don’t quite have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get well-lit photos. So, let’s take the morning easy and then take an excursion out for  couple portraits. And if you didn’t get ready together, this is a prime opportunity for the first look!

Elope in Seattle: couple gets into the car for portraits

3. Sneak a snack, or make it part of the events

Incorporate food into your timeline, or pack a light snack. Either way, be sure to eat a little something so you’re ready for the emotional exchange of vows.

4. Head to the ceremony location, and elope!

Stay in town or let’s drive out to the beach for your ceremony. Another opportunity for breathtaking photos and unique celebrations. (Steal my ideas for eloping!)

5. Indulge and make a toast

Unlike conventional weddings, where you almost feel kicked out of your own venue and forced into a stale reception, you can do the total opposite for your elopement. Stay on the very cliff, or seaside setting where you said your vows. Stay there to celebrate, toast, drink, eat, or do whatever fits your personalities.

Elope in Seattle at a restaurant with your family

Elopement Packages for Seattle

A quick flight (or maybe a drive if you’re local), and you’ll be at the heart of the Emerald City. 

Many of my couples make the trip out here for the decadent food and distinct views of Washington state. To give you that in-depth experience, the one you would plan if this was your home too, I include the logistics, location scouting, and timeline creation to make it feel like you know the place as well as I do.

Plus, if you need an officiant — I’m ordained and can make the pronouncement. We just need two witnesses (and up to 20 guests if you’d like) to seal the deal. 

Take a look at my elopement photography services, and send me a note if you’d like to chat about your elopement in Seattle.

Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram for more elopement insights and inspiration.

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Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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