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Feel Supported Through Labor & Delivery With Seattle Midwives

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As a mom to four babies myself, I know how important and personal the choices an expectant mom makes around her birth plan are. For many moms, an increasingly popular choice is using the services of a midwife, a professional trained in assisting moms to be well-informed and supported throughout their labor and delivery, whether it be at home, at a birth center, or in a hospital setting. Even if you’re not sure if using Seattle midwives is right for you, then take a look through some of these locals!

Four Seattle Midwives Keeping Moms Supported Throughout Their Journey

Midwife Seattle

Midwife Seattle is the practice of Cindie Brown, who holds a master’s degree in nurse-midwifery from Oregon Health Sciences University. She provides early pregnancy care, holistic prenatal care through 32 weeks, and, when necessary, miscarriage support. She worked as a midwife in the hospital setting for 18 years and has attended births in out-of-hospital settings since 2006.

A pregnant mother holds up and kisses her toddler son while dad looks on Seattle midwives

Center For Birth

The Center for Birth is Seattle’s only nationally accredited birth center and midwives. Right in the heart of Seattle, they have peaceful birthing suites with extra-deep bathtubs to help with smooth labor and spacious rooms to make for an optimal environment to meet your baby. Their midwives are certified professionals who meet the education standards of the International Confederation of Midwives and are licensed by the State of Washington. 

If you’re giving birth at The Center For Birth, you have several options of midwifery groups to choose from, all with birth center privileges. These include In Tandem Midwifery, Rainy City Midwifery, Seattle Home Maternity, and Something Beautiful Midwifery. All midwives with The Center For Birth privileges follow safety protocols, participate in regular emergency skills drills, and have at least one additional attendant/birth assistant at all births. There is also medical equipment at the Center in order to support mothers with complicated labor. 

A mom to be in a maternity gown lays in a field of grass with hands on her bump Seattle midwives

Rainy City Midwifery

Rainy City Midwifery is one of the most well-established midwifery practices in the Seattle area, and their office is actually out of the Center For Birth! In addition to having privileges at The Center For Birth, they also have midwife privileges at Seattle Home Maternity in Columbia City. Their team consists of Dr. Sara Alvarado, a Naturopath and Licensed Midwife, along with Licensed Midwives Beth Coyote and Emily Jones. They believe that birth should be a family-centered experience and that midwives and their clients “have the opportunity to effect change in the world, one birth at a time.” 

A toddler boy reaches up and hugs his pregnant mother's belly

Seattle Home Maternity

Seattle Home Maternity features a team of two midwives, Heather Chorley and Brooks Siegal, both Licensed Midwives and Certified Professional Midwives. They offer prenatal, postpartum, and birth and delivery services, and also have two options for a birth center birthing experience: either at the Center For Birth (as mentioned above!) in Seattle or the licensed on-site birth center located in the lower level of their clinic in Columbia City. Regardless of the setting you choose, your midwife will evaluate your early labor, spend active labor with you, and support you during your birth. She also will stay with you until you’re entirely comfortable with her leaving, and if there’s a need for hospital transport, contact the hospital, accompany you to the hospital, and assist in making the plan of care there, resuming your postpartum care once you’re out of the hospital.

Seattle Midwives

I hope that after reading through this blog post, you feel a little more informed and empowered about birthing options and Seattle midwives to support your journey! 

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Hi I'm lENA

Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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