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Being pregnant and expecting a new baby comes with a lot of new stuff. In addition to all the must-have baby gear, nursery furnishings, and adorable baby clothes, new and expecting moms need a new wardrobe and reliable products to make pregnancy and postpartum a little more bearable. Village Maternity in Seattle makes it easy for moms to buy everything they need for themselves and their babies. Check it out! 

About Village Maternity in Seattle

Village Maternity is a second-generation, woman-owned business that takes pride in helping families choose the best and safest products for their families. For over 35 years, they’ve been helping moms and moms-to-be simplify the shopping experience. They carry hundreds of brands, focusing on local, environmentally, and socially conscious. Everything they sell is made of the highest-quality and safest materials so you can buy confidently. They are also loyal to brands and designers who tell a story and are, in turn, committed to making products with respect for people and the environment. 

Everything Village Maternity carries comprises natural materials, organic whenever possible, and has been tested and approved by modern families like yours. For decades, they’ve provided new and expectant parents a place to build a community, seek advice, and find the perfect products for moms and babies alike. 

A mom to be stands in a field of tall grass gazing down at her bump in a pink maternity dress Village Maternity Seattle


Village Maternity Seattle offers various products for moms and babies, so you can shop for everything you need in one place. 

Moms can find fashionable maternity clothing made with soft textiles and flattering styles. Some of them even transition smoothly into nursing tops! They sell activewear, sleepwear, bras and intimates, dresses, tops and bottoms, and so much more. In addition to clothing, Village Maternity also sells skincare and compression products and thoughtful gifts for new and expecting moms.  

But products for moms are only half the fun! Village Maternity also carries a vast selection of products for babies, like attire and accessories, blankets and swaddles, and, of course, a wide variety of exciting and engaging toys! They also sell diaper bags, bouncers, carriers, and breast pumps. 

A mother to be stands with her hands under her bump in a field of tall golden grass


Shopping for your little one (or your pregnant self) and creating a registry can be seriously overwhelming. With so many products and reviews all over the internet, it’s easy to be totally lost. Village Maternity makes it easy by allowing you to book a one-on-one personal Seattle shopping appointment before and after normal operating hours, so you get the store (and your specialist!) all to yourself! 

Your stylist can help you shop for maternity clothes, determine what products may be right for your baby, and give you a personalized experience. The focus is 100% on you. You’ll get one full hour of private shopping totally free – all you have to do is make your reservation! 

Expecting parents walk through a field of tall grass Village Maternity Seattle

Village Maternity Seattle

A store like Village Maternity helps moms make an easy adjustment to motherhood while also being able to indulge in themselves a bit. If you’re expecting, just had a baby, or know someone about to, check out Village Maternity in Seattle for all your maternity and baby needs!! 

Pregnancy requires a lot of planning, and I’d love to help make things a little easier! I’m a Seattle photographer who wants to help you capture this wonderful time in your life. If you’ve been thinking about booking photos once your little one arrives, I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

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Hi I'm lENA

Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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