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Ideas & Advice From A Seattle Children’s Photographer

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As a Seattle children’s photographer and mom of four, I cannot wait to share the advice and ideas that I wish I had for my own children’s photos.

The advice from a Seattle children’s photographer

  1. Pinpoint the type of photos you’re drawn to — from posed or not, to the warmth and saturation in the photos
  2. Find a photographer who brings that editing style and approach
  3. Consider finding help with hair and makeup, and wardrobe too (some photographers like myself supply all of the above)

Overposed, or organic?

Before you hire a photographer for everything from family photos to newborn pictures, come with an understanding of your preferences. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What kind of photos are you drawn to? Are they candid and documentary or more styled and traditional?
  2. What kind of setting are you most comfortable in? Do you like being posed and told where to put your hands when taking photos, or do you prefer a little guidance and more freedom to interact? 
  3. Do your kids love to run, dig their toes into the sand, and just embrace all of life?
  4. For newborn photos, do you like the whimsical, almost fantastical style or the portraits that are more subtle and natural?
  5. Do you want to take photos in a studio setting, or somewhere with the wind and the trees, or the field and the golden glow of the sunshine?

Look through Pinterest and Instagram, and see what stands out to you as you answer these questions.

My photos, for example, are more natural, organic, and documentary. I never want two images to look the same, nor for my clients to feel commanded or limited.

Memories versus perfection

For me, it all comes down to memories versus perfection. Some photographers can give you the traditional, almost perfect holiday card photo. It takes a lot of time (and persuasion for the littles, and sometimes the husbands).

I know the poses and I know what’s most flattering, but I would rather incorporate that “style and tradition” into the natural, easygoing moments you can look back on and appreciate. To look at your photographs and remember the memories, not the poses or the perfect look that didn’t hold real meaning.

Let the little ones lead

Which is why I encourage you, especially with children’s photography, to let the little ones lead. Running through the wildflower paths, trailing their fingers along the sand, looking or even pouting at you. The moments that reflect more of the true everyday we’re trying to encapsulate.

Unposed family photography

Save time and stress by working with a hair and makeup artist

It’s one thing to have to dress the little ones and gather them together. It’s an entirely different thing to have to get ready too, and to be “photo ready.” Inviting a hair and makeup artist to help will save so much time and ensure that you look beautiful without using up your energy (when you probably are already so tired).

Look into children photographers with a client wardrobe

Shopping probably isn’t what it used to be, if you ever even liked it at all. I know how stressful it can be to find the right style, let alone the right size. And then there’s actually bringing the different outfits together so your kids’ clothes don’t clash against each other in the photos.

Family photography with a client wardrobe

That’s why I provide access to a full client wardrobe with my photography sessions, saving the time and funds needed (along with the frustration). I’ll put the outfits together, with your feedback, so you can just show up and make those memories.

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Hi I'm lENA

Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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