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Timeless Memories with Fresh 48 Photos

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As a top Seattle newborn photographer and Mother of four, I understand the overwhelming choices you face when deciding how to capture those first precious moments with your new baby. From birth stories to fresh 48 photos and newborn sessions, the options can be daunting. In this post, I’ll discuss fresh 48 photos and newborn photography, helping you make an informed decision on which to choose for your growing family.

Fresh 48 Photography: Capturing the Early Moments at the Hospital

A fresh 48 photoshoot takes place within the first 48 hours of your baby’s birth, while you and your little one are still at the hospital or birth center. As an experienced fresh 48 photographer, I always recommend scheduling this session for in the morning or before your discharge. This provides time for you and baby to rest, bond, and relax for photos.

Preserving the Magic of Early Moments

While a fresh 48 photo session does not replace birth photography, it beautifully captures the raw emotions and precious early moments of your baby’s life. Even within a few weeks after birth, you’ll notice bitter sweet changes in your baby. This session serves as a timeless reminder of their tiny features in this short stage of their new life.

Documenting Firsts and Emotional Connections

Fresh 48 photography is a celebration of firsts—for both your baby and you as new parents. It’s an opportunity to capture heartwarming moments, such as siblings meeting for the first time, the initial bath, smiles, yawns, and even going home from the hospital. I’ll be there to pay attention to every detail, capturing the tender interactions, delicate hands and feet, and the love shared within your family.

How To Prepare For Your Fresh 48 Session

Preparing for your fresh 48 session is an exciting part of the journey, ensuring that you make the most of those precious moments with your newborn. Here are a few tips to help you prepare

Communication is Key

You or your partner will reach out when you go into labor or as soon as baby is born. This allows me to clear my schedule and be available for your session within the 12-48 hour time frame you’ll be in the hospital.

Comfort and Style

Choose comfortable yet stylish outfits for both you and your baby. Opt for neutral tones or soft pastel colors that complement your baby’s delicate features. Avoid bold patterns or logos that may distract from the focus of the photographs. While full wardrobe isn’t available you’ll still receive a style guide with helpful shopping links!

Mother holding sleeping newborn next to cheek in fresh 48 photoshoot

Embrace the Natural

Fresh 48 sessions are all about capturing the authentic moments. Embrace the natural emotions, interactions, and connection with your baby. Trust the process and I’ll capture the beauty of these candid moments.

Exclusive Pricing For Fresh 48 Photos

Capturing priceless moments with Fresh 48 photos requires an on-call luxury service. When baby is born you’ll let me know and I am there within 12-48 hours. My collections begin at $1,100, reflecting the quality and attention to detail I bring to every session. Each session comes with a collection of digital images and the options to add on albums and other finished artwork.

Serving the following hospitals and many others in the greater Seattle Area

Newborn Sessions: Documenting The First Month of Life

In addition to fresh 48 photos, I also offer both in-home lifestyle newborn sessions and in-studio newborn sessions in the greater Seattle area and at my Olympia studio. These sessions include full wardrobe with professional styling, along with the option to add on hair and makeup.

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Document your newborn in the comfort of their first safe space—home—with my lifestyle newborn sessions. As a Seattle-based photographer, I bring the session to you, capturing genuine moments in a relaxed and familiar environment. These sessions focus on simplicity, connection, and storytelling, allowing your family’s personality to shine through. Embrace the cozy corners, baby’s nursery, and the love that fills every room. With the full Salt & Ink wardrobe and professional styling for the whole family, I’ll create a collection of images that truly reflects your home and the bond you share with your newborn.

In-Studio Newborn Sessions

Experience the simplicity of our in-studio newborn sessions. Our minimalist Olympia studio provides the ideal backdrop to showcase your baby’s unique features in a beautifully posed manner. With a focus on capturing your little one’s delicate details, I create timeless portraits that highlight their tiny hands, adorable feet, and expressions. These sessions also include the full Salt & Ink wardrobe, ensuring that your family is beautifully coordinated and styled. Additionally, you have the option to add on hair and makeup services for a truly polished and flawless look. Let me create a collection of stunning images that captures the simple beauty of your newborn.

Whether you choose an in-home lifestyle session or in-studio experience, I am committed to timeless photography that celebrates this special time. Contact me to discuss your preferences and book a session made to your family’s needs and vision.

Choosing Both Fresh 48 Photos and Newborn Photography Sessions

While you can opt for either a fresh 48 photography session or a newborn session, booking both offers a full collection of memories. Each session captures different aspects of your baby’s early days, showcasing their growth and the first environments they experience. By scheduling the lifestyle newborn session around 3-4 weeks old, you can capture the changes that occur during that first month that passes in a whirlwind.

Ready To Book Your Fresh 48 Photo Session?

Reach out today using the contact form on my website to book your fresh 48 or newborn photos. I’ll send you a pricing guide and link to schedule a consultation to get your date on the calendar.

Follow along on Instagram for more session highlights, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and announcements.

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Hi I'm lENA

Welcome to the blog, a place for helpful parenting resources and planning tips for couples. Stay a while and say hello!

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